Choses aimées 23-08

“I have a very complicated ritual about writing. It’s psychologically impossible for me to sit down [and do it], so I have to trick myself. I elaborate a very simple strategy which, at least with me, it works: I put down ideas. And I put them down, usually, already in a relatively elaborate way, like the line of thought already written in full sentences, and so on. So up to a certain point, I’m telling myself: No, I’m not yet writing; I’m just putting down ideas. Then, at a certain point, I tell myself: Everything is already there, now I just have to edit it. So that’s the idea, to split it into two. I put down notes, I edit it. Writing disappears.”
Slavoj Žižek cité par Mason Currey

to trick myself


“In her book, The Creative Habit, Twyla shares that her morning routine was NOT to go to the gym. Instead, it was far more simple: wake up, put on sweats, go outside, hail a cab to the gym.

The thing she is actually trying to do — exercise — was not the thing she committed to do each day. Instead, she focused on getting herself out of her apartment and into a cab. Once she was in the cab and on her way to the gym, the inertia took it from there.

If you focus on the very first steps of the starting line, it can be much easier to just get started.”
Shawn Blanc

focus on the very first steps


“Predetermine the stopping point. When Seinfeld sits down to write, he knows exactly when he’s going to stop writing. Most people sit down to work with an open-ended block of time. “That’s a ridiculous torture to put on a human being’s head,” Seinfeld said… “It’s like if you hire a trainer to get in shape, and you ask, ‘How long is the session?’ And he says, ‘It’s open-ended.’ Forget it. I’m not doing it. » The brain needs rewards, Seinfeld says. « And the reward is: the alarm goes off, and you’re done. »
10 habits and principles, from the writer and comedian Jerry Seinfeld rassemblés par @bpoppenheimer

predetermine the stopping point


“Hier soir, je n’avais pas complètement envie d’écrire. Je me serais bien laissée engourdir par le feu et peut-être maté une série sur Arte. Et puis, j’ai pensé, Tu es venue là pour écrire, écris au moins sur ton blog. Une journée où j’écris, j’éprouve ce sentiment de quelque chose d’accompli.”
Christie sur maviesansmoi

ce sentiment de quelque chose d’accompli


“Parce que plus on fait, plus on ose. Plus on fait, plus on écoute son intuition. Plus on fait, plus on fait comme on est.” 
Morgane Sifantus

plus on fait, plus on fait comme on est


“Writing and painting do not erase my fears. They don’t disappear completely. But translating them into words and watercolors allows me to explore them and to have volition over them, even a sense of wonder at what emerges. I become the handler of my fears, not the handled. This is what I told a dear friend later that morning. A loved one of hers is sick, and they were waiting for test results, and we commiserated over how torturous the waiting is. “I hope you get a chance to write some morning pages, or maybe even paint,” I said. “It doesn’t take away the terror, but it changes its shape.”
The isolations journal

it doesn’t take away the terror, but it changes its shape

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