Choses aimées 23-05

La cueillette de la semaine passée :

« Lorsque moi j’ai ouvert ma propre crêperie, j’ai failli déposer le bilan parce que je voulais tout offrir aux gens pour qu’ils aient une carte de fou. Et en fait, le fou c’était moi ! ». Patrick Rongier rappelle les règles : cuisiner vite et bien, être créatif sans jamais s’épuiser. (…) « Je dis toujours : seul le sarrazin sauvera le genre humain. »
Patrick Rongier, maître-crêpier, sur France Inter, le 2 février vers 8h17

être créatif sans jamais s’épuiser


One of my favorite journaling prompts : “Today was a good day because…”
Shawn Blanc

a good day


non, je pense pas que ce soit si difficile de tout arrêter, de tout quitter, de tout recommencer, autrement, il suffit de faire le premier geste, le premier pas, ne pas se lever un matin, ne pas répondre à ce mail si urgent, ne pas donner cours à cette requête si pressante, ne pas prendre le téléphone (..)

tout recommencer, autrement


We’re never the same person each and every time we pick up something we’ve previously failed several times. But our minds believe we are, so we tell ourselves: why bother to try again? I guess this is why physical exercise can be so life-changing. The point of exercise above a certain intensity is to fail – failure is what that brings progress. Once we realise and truly learn this, we are able to look forward to failing and not associate it with negative feelings.

That’s the thing about activities that require endurance. They will feel tedious and frustrating at the beginning, or they wouldn’t require endurance. There is developing the endurance for the activity itself – i.e. enduring the fatigue of running long distances or the monotonousness of chopping vegetables, and then there is a meta endurance that can be developed to endure the attempt to endure. This is mostly mental, to be able to continue doing something regardless of how we feel about it in that moment, to not give up because we feel frustrated.
winnie lim

look forward to failing (and not associate it with negative feelings)

endure the attempt to endure


We all want to do our best work. We all want to create something of value. But what if you’re stuck? What if the solution just doesn’t show up, the idea just won’t come, the interesting just doesn’t want to happen? Writers sometimes call it writer’s block, but not only writers experience it. Everyone who does creative work knows this feeling of just not being able to make progress.

Whenever we’re stuck like this, it is important to recognize that this is totally normal and nothing to be worried about. Such a creative block isn’t really a blocker, it’s more of a short break. The best way to cope with this is to first of all continue to work. Inspiration strikes not when we sit and wait but when we start immersing ourselves in a problem. So don’t wait for the muse to kiss you. Walk on.
Matthias Ott

start immersing


I once made an experiment, if I quit writing would I have a lot of spare time? And after three weeks I realized that I could just quit and never notice. The time would just vanish like throwing a stone into the water, it would leave no trace. So unless I was willing to just carve out this time for writing, I was never going to get anything done. It is a dilemma that I think everyone faces.
Connie Willis citée sur advicetowriters

carve out this time


There is no pattern at all. None that I can recognize.

Some posts on this blog get twice or thrice as many views as others. This surge does not depend on the day of the week. It also doesn’t depend on the time of the day. Neither does it happen every month. Neither does it happen or not happen depending on how many times I blog. (Sometimes I post multiple times a day.)

The subject matter doesn’t seem to matter. The length either.

It’s just the result of the great forces of the internet working their magic.

And that is great. That gives me infinite freedom in what I write about.

infinite freedom


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